What is the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme?

The All Wales School Liaison Core Programme is a crime prevention programme funded jointly by the Welsh Government and the 4 Welsh Police Forces. The main aims of the programme are: 

  • To work towards achieving crime and disorder reduction within our young communities, through the medium of education.
  • To promote the principles of positive citizenship, in school and the wider community.

The programme consists of lessons which are considered educational ‘best practice’ lessons are taught by 85 educationally trained police officers working in partnership with PSE teachers in support of the PSE curriculum in schools in Wales. The programme has a corporate approach to ensure that all children across Wales receive the same accurate up to date information about the dangers in regards the 3 main themes of the programme which are: 

  • drugs and substance misuse
  • social behaviour and community
  • personal safety

It is a spiral scheme of work spanning Foundation Phase to Key Stage Four utilising police expertise to complement and support the good work in schools. The officers deliver the lessons shown in the lesson matrix throughout primary, secondary schools and PRU units across Wales to children and young people between the ages of five and sixteen years. The programme has a supplementary menu which allows for regional flexibility and ensures it keeps pace with emerging trends and issues.  The matrix is reviewed annually to accommodate demand.

Additionally the officers devote part of their time to supportive school policing by collaborating with the school pastoral deputy responsible for behaviour and attendance. They assist by providing advice, dealing with incidents using the School Crime Beat Protocol, restorative conferencing, assisting in policy development, accessing parents, governor training etc.

Why was the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme developed?

The programme educates young people about some of the dangerous issues that affect our society today. The intention of the programme is to safeguard all children and young people living in Wales by providing them with current up to date information about the dangers associated with such issues as substance use and misuse, bullying, anti-social behaviour, strangers, internet safety, weapons, mobile phone usage, car crime, community cohesion and domestic abuse. 

Children and young people are often innocent of the dangers of these issues or the potential for breaking the law and how these issues are closely linked to crime. So it is important that your children are provided with accurate up to date information by specialists to ensure they are able to make correctly informed decisions. This not only applies to the individual’s awareness of potential crimes but also to be able to avoid becoming a potential victim.