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Key Fact

What is careless driving?

Driving without due care and attention, falling below the standard that would be expected of a competent and careful driver.

PC Stewart’s Advice

PC Stewart’s Advice

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Top Tips


  • NEVER distract the driver when he/she is driving.
  • Always wear a seat belt.
  • Never encourage the driver to use a mobile phone whilst driving.
  • Never accept a lift in an overcrowded vehicle.
  • If you are a passenger check that the driver is fully qualified, competent and safe.
  • Do not accept a lift from someone who has been drinking alcohol or using drugs before driving.

Things to Make You Think!

PC Jones says:

  • Remember how much trust a passenger puts in the driver
  • When travelling as a passenger at 60mph a vehicle covers 26 meters per second 7 times the length of the car!
  • It takes only 7/10 of a second to die in a crash at 60mph
  • Joy riding is dangerous and puts everyone at risk.
Many of you will soon learn to drive.

Remember 20% of newly qualified drivers have a collision within the first year of passing their test and young drivers make up a third of all road traffic deaths in Wales. 95% of all accidents could have been avoided.


Your school police officer is here to help you understand the consequences of distractions whilst driving.

Question and Answer

Question: What kind of things can distract a driver while he/she is driving?
Answer: Noise, excitement or misbehaviour will draw the driver's attention away from the road. Texting, phone calls, peer pressure, alcohol or drugs will slow down the drivers awareness. Pedestrians can also distract the driver.
Question: Are vehicles designed to crash?
Answer: They may have safety features but are not designed to crash.
Question: What are the Fatal Five?

There are five key behaviours which have been identified as the major causes of fatal and serious injury as a result of road collisions.

The Fatal Five are:

  • Drink and Drug Driving,
  • Excessive speed,
  • Not wearing a seatbelt,
  • Careless / Dangerous Driving, and
  • Using mobile phones.
Question: What are the minimum penalties for texting and driving?
Answer: If you are caught texting and driving you will get a fixed penalty of 60 pounds and three penalty points on your licence.

If you need to report a crime, call CrimeStoppers on

0800 555 111

Calls are free from most landlines.

Calls from mobiles may be charged depending on your network.

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